strapline ("strap")

Straps are a maximum of 150 characters, including spaces. 

The strap gives added “teaser” information not included in the headline, providing a succinct summary of the most important points of the article. It tells the reader what to expect, and invites them to find out more. 

Remember the strap will always appear with the headline, never on its own, and usually in lists.

Such a list might appear on the site like this (headlines in bold, straps below): 

LHCb experiment squeezes the space for expected new physics

Results presented by LHCb at the Moriond conference put stringent limits on the Standard Model of particle physics 

Take part in the Diversity in Action workshop

What does diversity mean to you? How important is it for you at work? Take part in an interactive workshop to share your experience

OPERA gives update on neutrino time-of-flight measurement

The collaboration has identified two possible effects that could have influenced its timing results

Applications now open for physics teachers' programme

Find out details of the programme and how to apply


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