Use the full name on first mention, just the surname thereafter. Do not use titles:

John Smith is leading the particle-acclerator team. "I hope to accelerate lots of particles," says Smith.

For middle initials add a full stop and a space after each capital letter:

E. O. Wilson is a famous evolutionary biologist.

Be careful using Russian, Asian or any other unfamiliar names. Do not assume that foreign names are the standard “Christian-name surname” layout of English or US names. Hungarian, Chinese, and many African names for example put the surname first.

Note: Malaysian names - Generally the given name comes first, and Muslim Malays tend not to use surnames, so Mahathir Mohamad (Mahathir the son of Mohamad) becomes Mahathir on second reference. Chinese Malaysian names, like Singaporean names, are in three parts: eg Ling Liong Sik (Ling after first mention)

See titles.


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