All official CERN websites should use the CERN logo, with the following conditions:

  • The CERN logo should always be an active link to http://cern.ch
  • The CERN logo should not be animated or have states (such as :hover or :focus) or scripted interactions
  • On tablets and larger screens the CERN logo must not appear at the top left of the viewport – the logo should only appear at the top left on the the core CERN website
  • The CERN logo may be included as a background image, provided that the element is a link to http://cern.ch. Note that background images are ignored when web pages are printed
  • The logo should be no less than 60px wide, and its correct proportions must be respected
  • Observe the general guidelines for use of the CERN logo, such as minimum spacing and colour restrictions

Positioning of the logo on tablets and larger screens:


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