Use capitals for the names of experiments (ATLAS, ALICE, NA62, CLOUD etc) except for: LHCb, LHCh and n_TOF (but note AEGIS is all caps).

Because CERN experiments can involve thousands of people working across laboratories and countries, there is considerable overlap between the concept of an experiment, research team or collaboration. 

Be careful how you use these terms - think how inclusive the term needs to be.

  • Use "experiment" to refer specifically to the technical apparatus.
  • Use "team" to refer to the people on hand running and reparing the machine - thus the ATLAS "team" work at one or more of the CERN sites in France and Switzerland.
  • Use "collaboration" to refer to the wider community of physicists all over the world working on data from the experiment - thus:

The ATLAS experiment is a huge detector in a tunnel 100 metres underground. This week, the ATLAS team were busy fixing the cryogenics on the experiment in time for the collaboration's next conference.

Note: The use of geographical distinction between a member of the "team" or "collaboration" will mean that people will change from "team members" to "collaboration members" depending on where they work from. Write around any ambiguity:

John Swiss, an ATLAS team member currently in the US said: "I miss fondue and chocolate."

See the style guide of the Translation and Minutes service at CERN for a full list of acronyms for experiments


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