Give figures in Swiss francs, then euros in brackets. 

"Five grams of enriched lead for the accelerator costs 12,000 CHF (9700)," says Kuchler. 

Use symbols and numerals when quoting specific amounts of common currencies:

£5 million (not 5 million pounds, or five million pounds)

€5 (not 5 euros or five euros)
about $3.5 billion (not about 3.5 billion dollars)

The same applies to Canadian dollars (CAN$), Australian dollars (A$) and New Zealand dollars (NZ$).

Where you do need to spell out the currency unit, when talking about vague amounts, it is always lower case:

The floods in 2002 cost Germany billions of euros

On the rare occasions when you will need to use other currencies, they should be spelled out:

35,000 yen
1.6 million roubles

Unlike other units, no hyphens are needed in: “a £50 million project


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