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But vaporize



In particle physics, an interaction point (IP) is the place where particles collide. One differentiates between the nominal IP, which is the design position of the IP, and the real or physics IP, which is the position where the particles actually collide. The real IP is the primary "vertex" of the particle collision.



Don't use it – it's usually redundant. Just think of a better word. Not “very big”, but huge, vast, etc. Not "very small" but tiny, minute, etc.

The exceptions are when "very" is used to mean "actual; precise" as in those were his very words, or to mean "without addition; mere" as in the very thought made her shudder. Those uses are fine.

See forbidden words.

grammar, style

vice versa

No italics



Mark up videos using the <figure> HTML tag. Mark up the caption using <figcaption>.

Embedding videos from CDS

All CDS videos have an option below them to "Embed this video into your page".

Click this, and simply copy the iframe, and paste it into the source HTML view of your Drupal page. Remember to resize the video by editing the HTML code "width" and "height" attributes if necessary.

Embedding videos from YouTube

For all YouTube videos add ?wmode=opaque to the end of an embedded iframe's URL.



Lower case.



Having a thick, sticky consistency between solid and liquid

Adjective: viscous

High viscosity, low viscosity.

Jam is a viscous fluid. Its high viscosity makes it an ideal medium for catching wasps.


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