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Two words.


All SI units are lower case when spelled out: metre (m), kilogram (kg), second (s), ampere (A), kelvin (K), candela (cd), mole (mol).

note: The tesla is the SI-derived unit of magnetic flux density. It has a lower-case "t" when spelled out, though its symbol is an upper-case "T".

Spell them out on first mention, then use the symbol.

I weigh 75 kilograms. Last month I gained 4 kg after I stopped runnning 5 kilometres every morning.



Always lower case


Where it is useful to advertise a URL (in printed materials, for instance) use the following format: cern.ch/[sitename]

Example: cern.ch/writing-guidelines (note that this resolves to test-static-03.web.cern.ch, which is less easy for new users to remember).


  1. Use lowercase characters
  2. Omit the 'http://' or 'https://' unless it is necessary

It may seem obvious, but check that the URL is relevant, and always double-check links are working before publishing. See also: links.



Not USA. There is hardly every any need to spell out United States, even at first mention. America is preferable in some contexts (“God bless the US” would sound silly).  It is permissible to use "American" instead of "US" as an adjective.


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