About this guide

This guide is intended as a "best-practice" document for writers and editors contributing content in English to CERN's public websites.

(If you are writing an official CERN text, such as the minutes of a meeting, you may find the Translation Service's Style Guide for official CERN documents more relevant than this guide for web content.)

The Language section is arranged under subject headings in alphabetical order. It provides clarification on English spelling and points of grammar, as well as brief definitions of more technical words and concepts from particle physics. Under the Language tab, click a letter from the alphabetical menu to see a list of entries beginning with that letter. Please note you don't see the full posts in this view - click on the word you want from the list to see the full entry. You can also search the site from the search box at the top right of the screen. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please let the web editor know, and then refer to the Oxford English Dictionary

In the Formats section you will find page types to use for CERN websites, including maximum word counts and rules for elements such as headlines. Use these to inform writers and editors and to help you set up content types on Drupal websites. Unsure whether your content will work best as a news article or an announcement? Check the Formats section.

The Audience section contains advice on understanding your website's users. A section on "personas" explains the rationale behind the navigation structure of CERN's core website, introducing four of CERN's most important web audiences. 

If you find any errors, omissions, or points to change, please let the web editor know

For guidelines on writing in French for CERN websites and documents, refer to the Translation Service's "Guide de Typographie".